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Specializing in Service of Process and Document Retrieval




Service of Process

Reliable Service of Process of your time-sensitive legal documents by certified Process Servers.

Address Verification

Experienced Verification Agent (VA) will obtain verbal verification of current and previous addresses.

Document Retrieval

Accurate and timely retrieval of civil and criminal court documents to enhance principle case files.

Criminal and Civil Record Retrieval

Physical search and retrieval of civil and criminal records to establish correlations and patterns of conduct.

Employment Verification

Trained VA's will acquire verbal verification of current and previous employers.




The civilDOCS perspective is an ever-growing concept.  This process involves exploring new and innovative ideas to expand current criminal justice practices within the industry.  This can only be accomplished by building strong relationships with our customers and understanding their needs and daily issues. 

Opportunity lends to the creation of new ideas and the development of solid, problem-solving methods.  With the growth of technology and an open line of communication with customers, overcoming these obstacles can be accomplished.  In turn, this allows your organization to reach internal and external goals while experience growth and success.

We at civilDOCS look forward to working with you and your organization.

 Together, we can establish a positive, growing environment as we

navigate current concerns and mitigate future issues.  


the founder of


Tony began his career in the investigative field in 1994, focusing on prospective tenant and employee background checks in the multi-housing industry. This led to an opportunity with Background Information Systems where he served as Vice President of Internet Services; creating and developing analytical background tools that assisted in the hiring of incoming staff and the reexamination of existing school educators in Texas.

In 2004, Tony enlisted in the United States Army serving honorably for 10 years. During his time in service, he acquired his military occupational specialty as a Counterintelligence Agent. While deployed as an agent, he was able to work with and attain valuable knowledge from OSI, NCIS, and FBI agents; specifically, the operational and informational challenges faced by both government and private investigative entities.  

After exiting from service in 2014, Tony has continued to grow in the criminal justice field. He has worked for the Sheriff’s department and become a Certified Process Server in the State of Texas. Tony has a BA in Criminal Justice and a BA Intelligence Studies.

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401 S. Palestine, #213

Athens, Texas 75751​

Tel:  903.904.2040

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